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FAMILY HAPPER – A novel written by an author with the same name, Family Happiness Kit gives the impression of a Bollywood horror movie. The story is based on the concept of a Mumbai family that struggles with everyday life and survival after an epidemic. The novel has also been made into a video game. Familiar faces from the Bollywood film industry like Madhubala, Dayal Bedi and others have come onto screen to lend some spice to the game. A lot of people will have probably seen the trailers and clips featuring their names and faces.

Asian escorts suggested, that familiar faces from Bollywood also appear in the book. Rana Sufi, who played the role of Mom in the Kismet-Cafe movie, appears as a supporting character in Family Happiness Kit. The main characters are Dayal Bedi, Ravi Teja, Pappu Varanasi and finally, Madhubala. The scenes in this book are interspersed with recipes of delicious ‘karav’ foods. A delicious chicken and rice kebabs are one such recipe, which the family enjoys eating. The story revolves around the experiences of these five families in different settings and their interactions with each other, as well as with the neighboring areas.

The story starts with a murder case that attracts the attention of a local crime investigator named Lou Natu. He is assigned to solve the case, which is eventually solved by their Mahal, a local resident. This murder appears to be a random act of violence, but soon, Natu finds out that the killer and the victim were part of a family called the covid-19, who had a unique relationship. Initially, they were enemies but after a lot of bonding, the two sides began to get along and grew to become good friends. Eventually, the two families got so close that they decided to enter into a family happiness kit together.

The novel is centered on the experiences of the five families as they strive to achieve their common goal, which is to bring happiness and joy to their neighbors. The novel contains a lot of funny scenes and situations, which makes the reader crack a smile every time. There are several characters, whose humorous traits are brought to life through the writing style of Randa Jarrar. She has a knack for creating lively, comic scenes, which make the reader smile even when the characters are dealing with serious issues.

Randa Jarrar has a talent in creating lively characters, and this is reflected in the way she has written the book. Her stories involving families are always interesting, and readers will find themselves engrossed in reading them. In “FAMILY H APPINESS KIT”, the author creates a cast of hundreds, all with their own back-story. The writer also adopts a humorous tone through her witty dialogues. The dialogues are written in such a way that at times, it may seem as if the author is making fun of certain characters, but yet, at other times, the dialogues are written in such a way that it may give the reader the chills run through.

The plot of the book is also interesting, with each of the families facing serious problems, each one fighting to survive. However, after all their hardships, the families manage to pull through, establishing a friendly bond between each other. After finishing the first book in this series,” FAMILY H APPINESS KIT” made me want to read the second in the series, “PEACE FREE”. I’m glad that I read this book, as it gave me something to think about while I was reading. The author managed to pull of the funny side as well, and if you are looking for a light-hearted family novel, then “FAMILY H APPINESS KIT” is perfect for you.

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